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Eidetic Image Psychology

Eidetic images are bright, lively pictures seen in the mind, much like a movie image or photograph. Extensive scientific research has found that these distinctive types of images are neurologically recorded in the brain and systematically stored for future reference.

The process of uncovering them breaks down the habitual, knee jerk reactions, thoughts, and attitudes that result in discordant solutions to life and work problems, by bringing forth empowered states of mind already encoded within one’s psyche. These special images allow access to one's authentic strengths, hidden capabilities and innate creativity. Always present, they need only be brought to the surface. Eidetic Imagery helps to unlock the intrinsic and most potent capabilities inherent in each person, helping to reveal current obstacles in a new light. This leads to the discovery of innovative solutions, deeper success in working relationships, and the enhanced ability to attain one’s goals. Healing is about bringing forth empowered states of mind already encoded within one's psyche. Inside each of us is a genetic blueprint for our wholeness. These special images give us access to our authentic strengths, hidden capabilities and innate creativity.

An Eidetic has three basic components:

  • The Image (I): The picture in the mind’s eye, which may be either vague or vivid

  • The Somatic Response (S): The physical and/or emotional sensation accompanying the image, including sensory details such as sights, sounds, smells, or any form of information and;

  • The Meaning (M): The message the image conveys; the reason it has been stored this way within the mind.


The Eidetic image:

  • Gives you insights into any person, problem or situation

  • Breaks your fixed perspectives on how you see and respond to others

  • Brings forth unrealized inner powers from your mind and body to deal with any situation or relationship.

  • Helps you go from negative to positive emotions – helplessness to power, fear to love, criticism to compassion – by drawing upon your inner strength.

  • Brings healing energies to the body.


*Adapted from materials from: Jacqueline Lapa Sussman, M.S., L.P.C.

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