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The work I do with clients is truly collaborative. The therapeutic technique I have been trained in, Eidetic Image Psychology, requires a deep partnership and attunement between practitioner and client. I have noticed clients only ‘go’ where their psyche is ready to let them go and not a moment sooner. In that sense, there is almost an in-built safety mechanism that protects the person from going too deep into an area before they are ready to do so. In addition to the discipline and rigor with which I have studied and learned the technique, the greatest contribution I feel I bring is the deep inner work I have done on myself which creates a certain trust and depth to the therapeutic relationship. Over the years, I have had to face many aspects of my pain and things that were buried deeply and things I was ashamed of, etc. In doing so, it’s as if a deeper and richer container has grown within myself which hopefully helps my clients feel safe in expressing and processing what had remained buried.


I received an unsolicited testimonial from someone I have been working with. Even though she gave me permission to use her name, I would like to maintain her privacy. That said, I feel her words carry an energy about the power of the work:

"Holy shift! Our work together using Eidetic Imagery this past year has been so powerful. So grateful to you for your support using this transformational tool. Eidetic Imagery has enabled me to make a deep dive - to enter past experiences and liberate my emotions and the hold they had on me. The process has been alchemical - changing my perspective on the past, bringing empowerment in the present and inspiration for the future. Thank you, Seema!"

It's just so fulfilling to see the impact of the Eidetic Imagery work in my life and to be able to take that work and help other people and see their shifts. I see people's body posture change during sessions as
they embody more of their inner authority and knowing. It is incredibly moving to witness it.


In addition to working with clients one-on-one using Eidetic Image Psychology, I also have experience running Empathy Groups using the Eidetic Technique. There is a 6-session curriculum for such groups. Ideal group size is 5-6 people and each session is 90 min to 2 hours long.

Cost for individual sessions is $150/hr, conducted on Zoom. And empathy groups cost $60 per person per session, with a commitment for a 5 or 6-week series. (With regards with empathy groups, I am currently not running a group, but am available to facilitate a group. Please contact me for more details.)

If anything I have written resonates with you in some way, please feel free to contact me at to schedule a free 30-minute introductory conversation.

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