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Reproduction painted by Gaurav Kapoor

The soul unfolds itself like a lotus of countless petals.
-Kahlil Gibran

I sometimes think back to my childhood bedroom in our 13th floor apartment in Tsim Sha Tsui, the Hong Kong equivalent of Times Square, New York. Even though there were cast iron grills in front of the windows, I had a beautiful view of the Hong Kong harbor. Very often in that room with white marbled floor, I would be eating Cadbury milk chocolate my mother bought me or I bought. I can still remember the sensation of the creamy milk chocolate melting on my tongue. Warm and rich feeling all the way down to my belly. It felt like love.


As an Indian girl growing up in a Chinese society which was then under British rule, I guess I sometimes wondered where I fit. In our household, while basic needs were met, I was not able to connect emotionally to my parents, for some reason. It felt like we were all living in our own worlds, while staying under one roof. I now know many people grow up with similar feelings of emotional isolation, but I did not know it back then and thought something was very wrong with me.


I think even at a young age, I was asking questions about the point of my life. Born into a spiritually-oriented family, I allowed myself to dream that I was loved by and special to God (which I now call Universe). That hope sustained me, I think. In the meantime, I tried to excel and shine, where I could. I had many achievements in the form of accolades at an elite Hong Kong middle/high school and eventually went to the U.S. for an Ivy-league education.


In addition to the healing power of chocolate, I discovered alcohol (among other things) to be a very effective way to silence the inner disquiet as well as feel the high of myself. I guess I was hungry for something I could not name, but kept chasing it nonetheless.


Having been blessed (didn’t feel that way when I was in the thick of it) to keep persisting with the question “What Nourishes?”, I know firsthand the courage it takes to live the longing behind the question as well as how helpful and essential a therapeutic container is in order to explore the question deeply.


In the Eidetic Image Psychology approach I use, there is a concept called ‘bipolarity of consciousness’. When we experience our pain deeply and fully, connected to the pain is the healing response. The goal is to bring it into awareness so we can heal. In that healing, our vibrations and frequencies change and we begin to attract more life-affirming experiences. In other words, this is what Alchemy is – all our painful and difficult life experiences when worked through fully and deeply can be transformed into something rich and full which nourishes us and others, from inside out. As that opened up for me, I found myself feeling more and more nourished from within and much less reliant on outer substances and validation as a way to define or feel good about myself. And I had so much more to offer others, from a place of fullness within. Now, I am filled with a deep desire to help facilitate those who are seeking to uncover the true source of their nourishment, from deep within.

I received the following testimonial from one of my clients for use on this page. I was humbled and thrilled to read her reflection on the impact of our work together.

“Seema is a soulful spirit and a trusted partner to venture deep into the folds of the self with Eidetic Imagery: a strong practitioner with the right tools at the right time, a fearless guide and a compassionate nourisher to accomplish the legs of this lifelong journey of self inquiry.

Seema has helped me transform out of the fierce grip of the mother's wound which no therapist so far had been able to help me with. Coming from a European - Asian family, I felt seen within the cross-cultural context of my family system, lineage and the geopolitics of genocide. In fact, Seema helped me find and heal my connections in the female lineage to step into a new sense of wholeness and power. She helped me gain clarity in the complexity, find the starting point for emotions to get connected and for my essence to realign with my newly gained sense of purpose.

I'm grateful for her tireless energy, deep trust in me, humble yet persistent guidance and graceful support in my journey of transformation and finding my purpose. The Eidetic images from the sessions with Seema keep guiding me along and give me a sense of belonging that truly feels like home."

I feel so blessed to be able to work with courageous men and women who seek to heal at a deep level which in turn enriches the lives of those around them.


Please visit the Reflections section of this site to learn more about my story, thoughts, things I have learned, etc.


Thank you for reading.


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