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Empathy Group

Empathy is the feelingful entry into our own and another person’s emotional life. It is the total experience of being shoulder to shoulder, eye to eye, heart to heart and toe to toe with another person. Through empathy, true knowledge emerges about self and others. The Empathy Group process utilizes Eidetic Imagery as a vehicle to enable participants to step into the experiences of others and discover empathy as a path towards healing. The process embodies the foundations of Eidetic Imagery – that one person’s imagery heals another. By bridging the emotional gaps among group participants in this experiential environment, the sharing of perceptions creates a feeling of group consciousness, unity and compassion which is one of the most powerful things that alters interactions. In this setting, spontaneous healing images emerge that shift perceptions and help group members uncover areas where they are “stuck” in personal life situations. Empathy groups are structured around questions pertaining to developmental dynamics in our childhoods. In them, we gain understanding of the knee-jerk reactions and habitual mental/emotional ‘programs’ that run us. The basic foundation of how we respond to the world is formed by our developmental history with. On the other side of these images is the potential for deep awareness and healing.


*Adapted from materials from: Jacqueline Lapa Sussman, M.S., L.P.C.

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